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ERIC (Escape Room Industry Conference) offers workshops for creators connected with escape room industry - owners, designers, bloggers, enthusiasts and more. Exhibitors from all over the world share their knowledge not only on topics strictly connected with the escape room business but also on other escape room topics such as PR or contact with clients.

The future of the conference and the details of subsequent editions are unknown.

Past Events

The last edition of the conference was held in 2019, even before the pandemic. However, there is an archive of editions where you can find lists of exhibitors, topics covered, and photos or information useful to visitors.

ERIC 2017 ERIC 2018 ERIC 2019


Escape room industry database

If you are looking for experts, companies, conferences and more from escape room industry this database is for you. We gathereed information from whole market in one place, so you don't have too.