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It’s a platform dedicated to people related to the escape room world. We are creating a service for both enthusiasts and people working in this industry - escape room owners, puzzle and riddles creators, inventors, game publishers, and many more.

It is also a place for journalists looking for verified information about the escape room market. Escape Buzz also has its own base of escape room experts, inventors, companies, conferences, blogs, services, publishers, game expos, shops from all over the world. Thanks to this, it's a place for those who are looking for experts’ opinions, help when starting their business, inspiration for those who think they are already out of ideas or when just want to read some interesting article or interview related to this wide topic.

We are gathering information from the market and collecting them in one place. We are still developing this base. Thanks to this, searching for information is easier than ever.

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to be a place where every interested person can find an answer about a wanted issue. Ask experts, find inspiration, learn more about unique solutions, improve your escape rooms world knowledge. It’s a service for all of you - escape room enthusiasts and industry professionals and our purpose is to deliver you the most original and valuable content in the whole internet.

For media

For media

If you are a journalist and are looking for press information, contact us:
[email protected]

For media materials, go to the for media tab.

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For media

Do you want to be a part of Escape Buzz? If you know the escape room world, love reading and writing, and doing great journalist’s research is in your blood - contact us! We are still developing this service and looking for co-creators and specialists.

We are part of Lockme

The main project we lead is Lockme - a platform for rating and booking escape rooms. It started in Poland, and now we have partners in a few other European countries - Czech Republic, Lithuania and Ireland. Our escape room database covers 11 countries from all over the world and contains over 9 000 escape rooms.

Lockme was created by two escape room enthusiasts and friends - Jakub Caban and Bartosz Idzikowski. “At the beginning, we just wanted to create a place where everyone could see the escape room offered in Poland. However, the number of escape rooms was growing at an amazing pace, and this project involved us and grew more and more.” Jakub Caban, partner

Lockme is a place to book and rate escape rooms, also to create a community. However, on Lockme there is no space for escape room industry databases and content like market analysis, industry articles about technology, escape room marketing, hints and guides for creators and escape room owners and so on. Escape room industry needs a place with aforementioned content. And Escape Buzz is an answer for this need.

Search, book and rate escape rooms on Lock.me!

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