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Escape.buzz is a platform dedicated to people related to the escape room world. It is not another blog focused on rating and reviewing escape rooms. It is a service for both enthusiasts and people working in this industry. Escape buzz is also a base of crucial names, businesses, sites.

The main purpose of our base is to make it easier to find the right people - influential escape room owners, puzzle and riddles creators, inventors, game masters, designers, companies from the escape room industry, but also events, blogs, services, conferences, publishers and many more.

The database is created with journalists in mind. You need specialist help or just some information about the market - on Escape Buzz you will have all this in one place. Just pick the specialist and ask.

Expert 19

Looking for an escape room expert? Here you can find many important names of bloggers, PR experts, game designers, escape room experts, and more.

Marketplace 16

Do you like traveling and playing foreign escape rooms? Here you can find marketplaces from around the world where you can read and book rooms that interest you.

Events 14

Current info about conferences, championships, galas and more events connected to the escape room industry gathered together in one place.

Factory 13

If you are looking for props or stenography artists, riddles and puzzles creator or just ready-to-play solution, pick a supplier from our base. It's especially dedicated for an escape room owners and builders.

Blogs & Services 12

This tab is dedicated to websites we found interesting. If you are still unsatisfied and want to read more about ERs and related - click for it!

Publisher 8

Escape room board, card and book games are great alternative for real escape rooms. Fun at home. Check these publishers and creators out and find game for you!

Software & Games 5

Online, PC, mobile, VR escape games producers and software related to the escape industry and more. Looking for an alternative for real escape room? Click here.