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Brian Gondek

Brian Gondek

I'm a lover of all things related to puzzles and mysteries. My day job is managing a data-driven detective agency in a corporate setting, and I also regularly write about puzzle experiences on my website and in various publications and develop puzzle-based projects in my spare time. I've solved over 600 escape rooms around the world, including a challenge I completed to solve at least one in each of the fifty US states in a single year. I've been collaborating as a member of the ERChamp program team since 2022.

I started PuzzleDrifter.com to capture my experiences with escape rooms and other puzzle events and adventures. I started GlowingKey.com to develop projects like the LeoFrame custom diorama souvenir and custom puzzle designs, as well as many more future initiatives to come.

Some Other Facts

I attribute my love of puzzles and mysteries to two games- Maniac Mansion and Hugo: Whodunnit.

I'm an avid learner and am constantly learning new tools and languages.

There's nothing I like more than chatting with the creative people who make escape rooms, murder mysteries, treasure hunts, and all other varieties of engaging experiences for the mind.

Areas of Expertise

-Business Intelligence (Data Management, Usage, and Strategy)
-Data Science & Statistics (Predictive Modeling, Forecasting, AI/Machine Learning)
-Customer Experience, Including Survey Design and Methodology
-People Leadership and Team Development
-Custom Puzzle Design
-Escape Rooms
-Merchandise Development
-Traveling on a Budget


Articles written by Brian Gondek

Testing assumptions: can an escape room outing save a company millions?

Testing assumptions: can an escape room outing save a company millions?

Brian Gondek |

Every manager, director, and VP I know has taken a team to an escape room at least once. An escape room is the perfect duration for an outing, and it offers teams the chance to cooperate and solve problems in a fun setting. In spite of the popularity of this type of outing, very few managers connect the dots on how the patterns of success within escape rooms match those in the business world.

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