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Jeremy Kowkabany

Jeremy Kowkabany

I am a lover of puzzles, riddles, and puns or anything mentally challenging! Along with my day job as a condensed matter physics PhD student, I am seeking a new challenge writing about my extensive experience with escape rooms in Florida and beyond! My writing experience encapsulates a great range of topics, from highly technical physics papers to wacky romantic comedies!

When I am not calculating, researching, or escaping I am probably playing Quadball or playing trivia at a local bar.

Other facts

I enjoy animated films, ancient history, and caffeine!


Articles written by Jeremy Kowkabany

Dark Room, Bright Future?

Dark Room, Bright Future?

Jeremy Kowkabany |

Imagine, you enter an ancient Egyptian tomb. You proceed through the dark passageways and navigate a variety of ancient puzzles while avoiding treacherous booby traps. You finally get to the entrance of the treasure chamber where you must… read some hieroglyphics and translate them into an English word?

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