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ESCAPETHEROOMers was created in late 2018 by Cici Cao & Brandon Chow. Personally, they’ve played over 700+ in person escape rooms and thousands of online and tabletop games. With the help of 15 other reviewers, they now cover contents from all over the world. Currently, they are the ONLY review site that also has a YouTube channel with consistent content that show cases sneak peeks of escape room locations, interview with owners, retired escape rooms and more!

They also host a show called "Behind The Masterminds" live every other Friday at 4PM EDT where they interview game creators on their projects and let them have a platform to showcase their talents. This show also gives away lots of wonderful raffle prizes to the audiences. Other services they provide are consultation for escape rooms, puzzle creations for games, in game appearances and more! If you're interested in participating or advertising with their site, please visit their Patreon program.

Bullseye Awards

The Bullseye Awards show is an annual online award show that was created in 2019 to honor escape rooms & other types of games and immersive experiences that were industry stand outs. There are two parts to the awards: 1. Player’s choices are companies voted by the players 2. ESCAPETHEROOMers category awards are given to games the reviewers have played throughout the year. The show consists of not only announcements of the awards but also performances by talents within the industry.



Escape room industry database

If you are looking for experts, companies, conferences and more from escape room industry this database is for you. We gathereed information from whole market in one place, so you don't have too.