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Christina Eanes

Christina Eanes

Christina is an escape room enthusiast and a person with great knowledge about the escape room industry.

She utilizes the learning from played escape rooms to enhance her speeches, workshops, coaching, and podcast series (Quit Bleeping Around).

Christina's achievements

Christina and her husband Jeff completed almost 800 rooms and have a 97% success rate. In 2020, they published a book - Life is an Escape Room: Apply Lessons Learned from Successful Escapeletes to Achieving More in Life.

Life is an Escape Room

Interesting fact about Christina

Christina is a former FBI Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) analyst and Leadership Development Senior Manager with two Master's degrees and several certifications.


Articles written by Christina Eanes

Escape Rooms as a Form of Self Improvement?

Escape Rooms as a Form of Self Improvement?

Christina Eanes |

Did you know you can invest in your personal and professional development by raiding a tomb, finding the cure for the Zombie virus, conducting a bank heist, disarming a bomb, and looting a pirate ship? While escape room adventures have traditionally been used in professional development as a team-building activity, they can teach you a lot about yourself and how you interact with your world.

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