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Christine The Haunt Girl

Christine The Haunt Girl

In addition to being a YouTuber & Vlogger known as The Haunt Girl, I'm a former Universal Studios HHN scare actor. 

I opened an escape room in October in Anaheim California with my husband, so I'm an owner/creator now as well. I was able to use my experience as a player to design the game. I used my degree in tech theatre to build props, set design, etc in the actual game build. I used my experience creating video projects to create all of our video content for the room including our intro video. And I've been using my experience as a social media content creator to organically market our game on social platforms, specifically TikTok.

I actually spoke today to a group of escape room owners on using tiktok to reach customers. I've been a panelist at Digital Hollywood a few times speaking on social media. (I have almost 1M on my personal tiktok.)

Issues I can advise on

Social media 
Video creation 
Escape rooms 
Actor training
Guerrilla marketing

Some funny info

Something funny about me? I'm a professional ventriloquist. You can see my dummy read Carrot Top's mind on Penn & Teller Fool Us.


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