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Puzzletember starting today!

Puzzletember starting today!

Today marks the start of another edition of Puzzletember. This is a real celebration of puzzlers and puzzle makers. Every day you will get a fresh portion of puzzles to solve, and best of all, the fastest people will be able to win interesting prizes.

30 days - 30 puzzles

Starting today, one new task will appear on the Curious Correspondence Club instagram every day. Such a riddle can be multi-step and located in multiple images, or simple in the form of a single board. Your task is to solve it as quickly as possible. If you do this you will receive a prize of the day. Sound simple? Then start solving puzzles today.

Riddle creators show up!

This fun annual event is not only an opportunity to win prizes, but also allows various puzzle creators to show off to the world. And there are indeed many of them. Each day is sponsored by a different person or brand.Thanks to this you can meet, different styles and themes of puzzles.

As part of this fun, you will also find our puzzles, specifically puzzles prepared by the ER Champ program team. Hunt for this day - our books "Book of Rituals" will be available to win. Below you can check our last year puzzle.

Who, where when

The originator of Puzzletember is Curious Corespondence Club and all the fun is on their instagram. Feel free to visit and check out last year's puzzles too!

Bartosz Idzikowski

Bartosz Idzikowski

Lockme co-funder

Escape room enthusiast with over 550 visited rooms. Co-founder of escape room marketplace lock.me, escape room board games series Escape Tales and Escape Room World Championship Er Champ. In his spare time guitar player and lover of psychedelic progressive rock.

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