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Work on ER Champ 2024 has started

Work on ER Champ 2024 has started

Anna Kryśkow |

World Escape Room Championship attracts thousands of players every year. Last year's contest's finals were held in Wroclaw, Poland. Recently, the organizers announced the start of preparations for the next edition. What is already known about ER Champ 2024?

Work on this year's edition of the Championship began at the end of 2023, when information about the opening of recruitment for the Program Team appeared on ER Champ social media. The Program Team is a crew that, together with the organizers, works on the puzzles and plot of the Championship. The upcoming edition will be the third in which the organizers invited external creators to co-create the puzzles.

The players have chosen the storyline

This year, the allow players to choose the storyline of the Championship. A poll with 7 plot suggestions appeared on the ER Champ - World Escape Room Championship discord server. In a short four-day vote, the storyline titled "TV-Maniacs" won.

TV-Maniacs is the story of a pair of telemaniacs who spend all day in front of their beloved TV. Due to an inexplicable event, they are absorbed by TV and stuck in the TV world.

ER Champ 2024 dates

At this point, the organizers have not yet announced the dates of ER Champ 2024, but 3 stages can be expected, as in previous years, which are:

- stress test, which is a server load test; this stage is not mandatory, but it is very important from the organizers' point of view, it is also a prelude to the storyline;
- the eliminations, which is the stage to determine the best teams that will compete in the grand finale. Last year, 10 teams from different countries qualified for the finals;
- The finals that will most likely be held live again.

The success of ER Champ 2023

Last year's edition was very popular among players from all over the world. Nearly 1,700 people took part in the eliminations and the grand finale, held at the Hydropolis water museum in Wroclaw, Poland. More about ER Champ 2024 you can read in the Escape Buzz report from the event.

Anna Kryśkow

Anna Kryśkow

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