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ER Champ

ER Champ

Open world championship in escape room, organized by marketplace Lockme since 2017. The first three editions were organized under the name "PolandEscape" and were organized as Polish championship. In subsequent editions, the formula evolved and now the scale of the championship is worldwide. Every year ER Champ is attended by players from all over the world, including Japan, Canada, Taiwan and numerous European countries.

PolandEscape 2017-2019

PolandEscape consisted of three stages: online preliminaries, local preliminaries, and semi-finals, which in turn selected the top three teams to participate in the grand finale. The online stage consisted of a not pron or point-and-click style game. The top ten or so teams then moved on to the next stage, which involved playing in stationary rooms that had been built in many companies, but were not yet accepting commercial customers, so the teams were faced with the scenario for the first time. The local stage took place in 5 different cities in Poland. From each city, two teams were selected to face each other in the semi-finals. The semifinals consisted of two scenarios - depending on the edition, both through unopened commercial rooms and through specially built for the purpose of the championship.

PolandEscape 2017 PolandEscape 2018 PolandEscape 2019

ER Champ since 2020

Due to pandemic reasons, from 2020 the competition is held fully online, which allows teams from all over the world to participate, therefore the competition has also changed its formula to an open world championship. It consists of two stages: elimination and grand final. In both stages the players have to pass the stage in the form of a point-and-click game. About 100 fastest teams get to the finals.

ER Champ 2020 ER Champ 2021

ER Champ 2023 - current edition

Dates for this year's edition will be announced soon.
You can apply now to join this year's ER Champ program team and become the creator of the puzzles that the 2023 World Champ candidates will face.

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