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Dinner at a restaurant? Boring! Spend Valentine’s Day with mysteries

Dinner at a restaurant? Boring! Spend Valentine’s Day with mysteries

Anna Kryśkow |

In recent years, people have increasingly opted for conventional ways of spending Valentine's Day. Dinner by candlelight, cinema and theater are replaced with more modern entertainment - going to a concert, gym, trampoline park or go-karts. And also in the escape room style. Check out the escape room games ideas for this day!

Unconventional Valentine's Day date in an escape room

I won't write about the growing popularity of escape rooms for the next time, because you can observe it for yourself. Here are my escape room suggestions for spending Valentine's Day!

ATTENTION: The following tips are also suitable for any other day, or even for a first date if you are brave enough!

Thrilling huggies

If you want your date not to fall out of your arms for at least an hour, take him/her to a horror escape room. There are several reasons of going to an escape room:

  • Thinking together brings you closer.
  • You can cuddle, as we said before.
  • In the escape room there will be only you and riddles... well, and probably an actor who will give you shivers and make you scream. Avoid crowded restaurants where you will be waiting longer for dinner than solving the room's puzzles.
  • Escape rooms for 2 people are cheaper than dinner for two at that fancy restaurant you'd like to take your partner to. You can spend the rest of the money on wine and sweets.
  • Many companies have special deals for couples on Valentine's Day, so it's even cheaper and you often get a sweet treat too - so you can spend the rest on wine, more sweets and pizza. Pizza is always a good idea.

There are more than just horror escape rooms. Go to the kind of room which theme and difficulty level suits you. It's your day and spend it pleasantly.

Couch enthusiasts

For some, the best date is the one on the couch with a loved one beside... and a dog by your side (it can also be a cat or a lizard or even a snake, up to you). For couch and blanket lovers we have some suggestions for spending a quiet, yet exciting Valentine's evening. It is also worth preparing some snacks, drinks and sweets.


The first suggestion is board games - an absolute classic. Board games are good for family gatherings, playing with children but also an evening for two. From escape room games we recommend all EXIT, Deckscape, Decktective, Unlocked and also Escape Tales series.

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, the Board&Dice publisher has prepared a promotion for the entire Escape Tales series, which will make you feel like in a real escape room without leaving home. At the moment there are 3 box games: The Awakening, Low Memory, Children of Wyrmwoods and the book game The Book of Rituals.

Video gamers

Escape Academy

Escape Academy is a puzzle video game by Coin Crew Games studio. In the game you will take on the role of students who undergo training to achieve the title of Escape Room Masters.

There is currently a promotion on Stream for this game and you can grab it 25% off! For those who prefer consoles, the game is also available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Eleven Puzzles

Eleven Puzzles is a Polish-Scottish studio that creates cooperative puzzle games. At the moment you can play 3 games from Eleven Puzzles - Parallel Lab, Unboxing and also the newest one - Unsolved Case, which you can download for free on Steam, Google Play and App Store!

Movie Bug

Games aren't everything - for movie bugs we suggest watching a movie from under a warm blanket. The two parts of the Escape Room movie have their fans and haters, so we don't encourage you - we're just saying there's an option if you haven't seen it yet (if anyone has weak nerves, they can always snuggle up with a partner... or a blanket)


How about something new? Our next suggestion is a combination of a real escape room and couch comfort.

Live cam escape rooms

Thanks to Live Cam technology, you can visit real rooms in different places around the world without leaving home. All you need is a computer!

During the game, your team connected by video chat will be guided by the game master to solve puzzles and go through the storyline of the room.  Live cam list can be found on lockme, among others, where you can book rooms from 3 countries and find information on Live Cam games from 25 other countries.


Not everyone likes to sit at home, under a blanket, in the warmth, with wine in hand. And we respect that (though we don't necessarily understand!). For those who are not discouraged by the low February temperatures, we offer outdoor activities.

Urban games

Escape rooms are not only board games and closed rooms full of puzzles. You can find urban games that offer puzzle-solving and discovery of mysteries in the open air. This is the perfect combination when you want to train your brain and beat your daily step record.

Happy Valentine's Day

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, whether you have a partner or prefer to be alone on this day - Escape Buzz wishes you a happy day. Spend it as you wish!

Anna Kryśkow

Anna Kryśkow

Editor-in-chief, Writer

Journalist and indologist by profession. Writer, marketer, tarantulas keeper and urbex explorer by heart. In the meantime I’m playing escape rooms and board games, and I wonder how I find time to sleep (still dunno). I was born to write - my favorite forms of expression are extensive articles preceded by a long research, and horror stories (for some it’s the same).

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