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London: Tickets for Saw: The Experience on sale now

London: Tickets for Saw: The Experience on sale now

Anna Kryśkow |

Tickets sales for an unusual event - Saw: The Experience began last week. The event is shrouded in a mystery, which is extremely tempting and encourages people to buy tickets. Addicted to adrenaline? It's for you!

Do you want to play a game?

Saw: The Experience is undoubtedly a game for people with nerves of steel. The event is based on the Saw horror movie series, which is probably known to everyone. The first film in the series was directed in 2004 by James Wan known for such films as Insidious, The Conjuring, Aquaman.

This multi-room, immersive escape experience is brought to you in partnership with Lionsgate, Twisted Pictures, and The Path Entertainment Group. Combining the thrill of escape rooms with the theatricality of immersive experiences, SAW: The Experience will test your mind, your mettle, and your moral choices.

The trailer for the event is chilling.

This immersive experience was created in collaboration of The Path Entertainment Group studio with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures.

Event dates and tickets

Ticket sales began on August 2. However, the event is scheduled in the end of October. At the moment, the calendar on the event page still has single hours available from October 27-31. Until October 8, the price of a single ticket is £34. From November 8th, the price will start at £39.

Warning! There are 2 modes of play. 

The Spiral Route is not suitable for wheelchair users and it includes tight and enclosed spaces, and require players to crawl on their hands and knees. Moreover, experience includes flashing lights, strobe, smoke, special effects, and scenes of torture.

The Jigsaw Route is designed to be more accessible, and is suitable for wheelchair users. More information about facilities and limitations you can find on sawtheexperience.com.

Tickets are selling out very quickly, so if you want to attend Saw: The Experience, do not wait too long!

Anna Kryśkow

Anna Kryśkow

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