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Gift ideas for escape room fans

Gift ideas for escape room fans

Hanna Kwaśniewska |

Christmas is coming. When it comes to ideas for gifts for our loved ones, a lot depends on us, including our ability to organize time and actions and our creativity. One thing is sure - due to the huge number of orders from couriers, it's worth ordering gifts right now. And if you have no idea - we invite you to familiarize yourself with our proposals for fans of thinking.

Board and card games

Nothing makes your mind work harder than board games, where we have to figure out, think, and plan. They are a great idea for a gift because they can be adjusted to the preferences of the person we would like to bestow. If our cousin likes to plot against others and plan three moves ahead, the games with negative interaction or complex scenarios will work. If your cousin prefers light games, it's worth looking for classic "party games". Currently, the board game market is experiencing its second youth, so the choice is quite large.

If you have in your family a fan of escape rooms, who also likes board games, a great idea will be games based on puzzles. Here are some suggestions:

  • Escape Tales - a series of board games in which you solve puzzles prepared by the Lockme team. You can buy it here;
  • EXIT - a series of disposable board games in which you have to solve puzzles and discover the plot one by one, which brings its form closer to real escape rooms, and sometimes you have to destroy elements;
  • Deckscape - a series of card games with different themes, imitating an escape room game by solving puzzles on cards;
  • Unlock! - is a cooperative card game inspired by escape room games.

Online experience

In a way, the pandemic has forced us to look for alternative entertainment, including in the context of escape rooms. When it is not possible to go out to a physical room, computer games, such as point-and-click, come to the rescue. One example is Eleven Puzzle - buying access to the game will be a good and simple gift. 

Edaqua's Room, a point-and-click game you can buy access to, also operates on a similar principle. Several scenarios of varying difficulty are available.

And if one is looking for escape room-like entertainment, but in an online form, a voucher for a live cam room will be more than apt. Not only does the game take place in a real escape room (the game master stays in the room, and the other players connect online), but for many, it will be the first ever experience of this kind. One of the places where you can buy a voucher for a live cam room is Lockme (this voucher allows you to book any scenariofrom Lockme partner - make sure to select the LIVE CAM option!).


Although the board game market is quite rich nowadays, there will certainly be some people who won't swap the physical escape room experience for a card game, which we kind of understand - board games are a great alternative, but an escape room is an entertainment in itself that can't be imitated. That's why it's worth checking out the voucher offer.

Choosing a gift voucher for a dedicated escape room is always a form of recognition for the company where such a purchase is made. Most companies offer the purchase of a gift voucher - sometimes it is valid for a specific scenario, and sometimes it is for a specific amount. A gift voucher can be given to someone as a gift. And it looks nice under the Christmas tree!

Jigsaw Puzzles

If you have a jigsaw fan in your family, the matter is quite simple - such a person will be happy with practically everything he or she will get to arrange, and the more pieces, the better. In addition, if we know the thematic preferences of the "stacker", it will be even easier, because nowadays you can find literally everything on jigsaw puzzles - whether it's landscapes, famous works of art or complex, abstract compositions, and even dogs, cats, and turtles.

Escape rooms have also made their contribution to jigsaw puzzles - currently, on the market, there is a series by Ravensburger, which offers puzzles with challenges to discover and solve. In a nutshell: first, we put together a picture, then we look for puzzles or riddles and solve them. A really interesting alternative for someone who just likes jigsaw puzzles.

However, this is not the only one of its kind. For some time now, the EXIT brand has also been releasing a similar product - a puzzle with riddles that are available in multiple scenarios.

If you are more creative and would like to create something of your own, there are several puzzle generators available online (for example PuzzleYou). This is a very interesting thing, which in addition confirms that puzzles can be made of anything (just make sure that the image is of good quality, otherwise one puzzle will be equivalent to one pixel). This is a good gift not only for Christmas but also for birthdays or anniversaries.

Books with puzzles

Currently, the most popular puzzle book is undoubtedly Journal 29, which is available in several languages. The puzzles range from simple to difficult, taking several long moments to complete.

Other titles of interactive games in the form of a puzzle book that will interest fans of escape rooms:

  • The Book of Rituals (you can buy it here);
  • Journal 29. Awakening;
  • Trip 1907;
  • Trip 1907. Forbidden Mine;
  • The Cypher Files.

The puzzle books are also published under the EXIT brand, which you know from the boxed escape rooms. However, this gift will only work for players who know German. As with their boxed scenarios, the book requires shredding. However, one must admit that the multitude of titles is really impressive, here you can check it out!

And for those who, instead of playing, would prefer to read for once, it's worth looking around for books that are thematically related to the escape room sphere. Example positions worth considering are:

  • Megan Goldin “Escape Room”
  • Chris McGeorge “Guess Who”

Logical and arcade puzzles

For fans of escape rooms, we don't throw chocolates into the gift - we give them small logic puzzles instead. There are a whole bunch of them - from small to complex and multistage, from wooden to metal, from pocket-size to the size of a big cat. This is where we have a lot of room for improvement.

An interesting example can be wooden boxes, the opening of which itself is a challenge.

Other peculiar suggestions

That's not all. A puzzle room enthusiast can get many other products that at first glance are not necessarily related to escape rooms.

  • LEGO. And we're not talking about the usual building blocks that everyone played with as a child. We are talking about the "Build your own escape room" set, which appeared on the market relatively recently and can make a furore under the Christmas tree.
  • T-shirt. T-shirt with a slogan related to escape rooms? If you know the size of the clothes, this can be a great gift idea. Although ready-made T-shirts with this theme are not a very popular product, you will certainly find a company that does custom printing for you. We suggest some texts that are worth using and that every escape room enthusiast will understand: Let’s take the hint, but you ask. / We don't take hints, we go for the record. / I said it five minutes ago, but no one listened to me!
Hanna Kwaśniewska

Hanna Kwaśniewska


Lock.me team member. Germanist and scholar of German literature - German language is also her superpower. Besides escape rooms and board games, she loves Dragon Ball, Star Wars and cynology. After work she likes learning foreign languages, writing texts and planning her next trip to escape room, probably with rap music in the background. Totally extrovert.

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