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Becky Campbell-Ladley

Becky Campbell-Ladley

I'm Becky Campbell-Ladley, usually known professionally in gaming circles as BeckyBecky.

I've done over 50 escape rooms, mostly in the UK, and escaped all except one (but we don't talk about that one). I have also been involved with the design of an escape room for recruitment in the NHS. More generally, I also design megagames and other immersive experiences. And I blog at BeckyBeckyBlogs.com about all the types of gaming that I do.

Issues in which Becky is an expert

Topics that I would focus on are escape rooms, immersive theatre, immersive experiences, immersive gaming and megagames (not so much haunts, I've only been to a couple of horror escape rooms).

Fun facts about Becky

I got engaged in an escape room - and I asked if the timer had been stopped before I said yes!


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