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Lock.me launches Swedish escape room database

Lock.me launches Swedish escape room database

Bartosz Idzikowski |

Escape room marketplace lock.me is expanding into another country. Right after Slovakia and the Czech Republic - the last country where we have a launch this year is Sweden.

Expanding to another country is a natural move in our operations. However, the addition of this country comes with an interesting story. This time lock.me was invited to this country by the owner of one of the companies. 

One day we were contacted by Sandra Janrell from Inlåst. She let us know that she often visits Poland and uses lockme herself then. There is not yet a site of this type in Sweden and it would be very useful. It took us a while to think about the suggestion, but pretty quickly we decided that it was a good idea and it was worth starting to work with this market. 

Swedish escape room base 

There are currently 152 escape rooms in Sweden. They are located mainly in the southern part of the country. The market is not young however it is growing strongly. I have the impression that it is a still strongly undiscovered world of escape rooms. This is perfectly shown, for example, by the TERPECA ranking where it is very difficult to find proposals for prizes from this country. We intend to promote this country as an interesting destination for escape room tours. On lock.me you can already browse the full base of rooms. Companies are still completing their profiles, but you can write reviews to escape rooms, add them to the ones you've visited or simply plan your next trips. 

What are Lockme's plans for Sweden? 

The platform has already had several launches in different countries. Nevertheless, still, its heart is the Polish market. Lockme has high hopes for the Swedish market.  It is a country located geographically close, and there are no big cultural barriers between us. As a result, the service is planning active marketing activities in the coming months. For example, it will soon launch a contest for users to encourage reviews. I'm curious if any of you have already visited rooms in this region. Let us know where it's worth going. And most importantly, fill out your profiles on lockme with rooms visited in Sweden.

You can check the Swedish escape room database here >> https://lock.me/sv/sweden

Bartosz Idzikowski

Bartosz Idzikowski

Lockme co-funder

Escape room enthusiast with over 550 visited rooms. Co-founder of escape room marketplace lock.me, escape room board games series Escape Tales and Escape Room World Championship Er Champ. In his spare time guitar player and lover of psychedelic progressive rock.

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