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Escape Buzz is still growing. Creating good content requires a lot of work and commitment and that’s why we are open to cooperate with enthusiasts all over the world. Our international team of creators and experts is still expanding, thanks to this we are able to prepare materials from the point of view of people from different parts of the world and from different cultures.

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We are looking for experts in our database. The main purpose of the base is to make it easier to find the right people - influential escape room owners, puzzle and riddles creators, inventors, game masters, scenographers, and many more. The database is also created with journalists in mind. You need specialist help or just some information about the market - on Escape Buzz you will have all this in one place. Just pick the specialist and ask. If you are a person like this - contact us and tell us about your work.


We would also like to invite writers, journalists, reviewers, and love writing escape room and puzzles enthusiasts to cooperate in developing Escape Buzz. We know that words have a great power, and we would like to use it to create valuable content. If you would like to be a part of this project, contact us and tell us about your experience. You can also send us some text or link to your website.

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