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Belgian Escape Days

Belgian Escape Days

Belgian Escape Days take place in Leuven. This even if dedicated for everyone - children (+12 years) and adults, game and escape room enthusiasts, company outings and many more. Its aim is to entertain in the context of Escape Rooms and various games. Along with this, the visitors will be able to be informed as well as activated. The escape room enthusiast comes to this event to experience a fun day in an attractive way. Hereby they will get acquainted with different partners and various activities.

During the Belgian Escape Days also Belgian Champion Escape Rooms is held. The top 100 escape room teams compete for the title of champion.

The aim

According to organizers, the main goal of this event is to highlight the Belgian escape room sector and all its entertaining facts through a wide range of activities at this two days event, made possible by numerous escape rooms and various partners.

2022 edition

Pirates are the theme of this year's edition. Event is scheduled on November 19-20 (10am-8pm local time). Participants with the best times or scores can win numerous prizes, e.g. board games and escape room vouchers. Tickets for this event in 3 prize variants are available online.


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