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Escape rooms through female eyes

Escape rooms through female eyes

Jakub Witosławski |

Many of us associate going to escape rooms with entertaining time spent with friends or - on the other extreme - integration events at work, being a little break from reality. There are many reasons to choose escape rooms and one of them is certainly meetings in a strictly female group.

- The number of storylines that can be found in escape rooms in most cities makes it easier and easier to find something suitable for an evening with women only. We have criminal scenarios, very exotic, magical, and even intimate. Anyway, the plot is not everything. In escape rooms, you have to show not only cleverness or analytical thinking but also intuition. From my own experience I can say one thing - going out in a close circle of female friends makes us catch "flow", which is sometimes hard to create in the company of men. It makes us go through the game with a different commitment and we pay attention to completely different things. It's a different kind of involvement in the plot - says Paulina Polańska, escape room enthusiast from Wroclaw.

To Egypt or for the Baudelaire orphans' fortune?

"1954. Sinwood, England. Women disappear without a trace in the area, and the inhabitants, terrorized by fear, suspect that the mysterious disappearances are connected with an old abandoned hotel, standing on a hill under the forest. Legends have it that the Victorian boarding house was built in a place that centuries ago was possessed by evil. For years no one has yet dared to visit the place...". Such is the introduction to the scenario of the recently very popular escape room, which premiered just a few weeks ago in Wrocław. However, there are many more captivating stories, which allow us to move into another dimension. Thanks to the variety of scenarios available on the market, it is very easy to match the subject matter to the audience, even if each member of the group visiting the room has different interests.

- In escape rooms, there is "something for everyone" for fans of Alice in Wonderland as well as Breaking Bad or Murder on the Orient Express. The rooms created today are technologically advanced, elaborately decorated, and even offer the choice of playing with an actor. As a result, the immersive gameplay that game developers of all sorts strive so hard for today is really strong here and affects the level of player involvement in the story. You know that you're not on a desert island and actually, you're not even locked in a room (it's just a game), but thanks to the development and increasing investments for those 60-90 minutes the immersion in the fictional world is almost absolute - says Bartosz Idzikowski from Lockme service used for browsing, booking and evaluating puzzle rooms.

After nearly 8 years of escape rooms' presence on the Polish market, they have become so popular and profitable that companies could afford to make serious investments giving the participants the feeling of almost full participation in the storyline and influence on it. The "open-world" elements known from modern video games, simple robots that need to be controlled in order to complete the task, elevators transporting the participants from one room to another, 100% electronic puzzles or 3D printing - these are only some examples of solutions used in the most advanced rooms.

Currently, in Poland, there are more or less 500 escape rooms and you can find here very emotional historical rooms, like Warsaw Uprising, something for fans of the '80s, like American School Story, or various rooms referring to Stranger Things and classics like The Addams Family or Scented Dogs.

On the edge of worlds

"The wicked Count Olaf has hatched an evil plot to trick the Baudelaire orphans into a fortune. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are in mortal danger. The details are top secret. If you are not afraid of pain, suffering, and despair, come to the headquarters of the Very Secret Organization. No matter where you live, whether you prefer to be scared or to laugh - the creators of escape rooms go to extremes of creativity - and sometimes absurdity - to provide you with great fun. In some rooms, you may also find... animals.

- In Poznan, there is the Golden Hajs room, whose owners have a dog. The dog got so involved in "work" in the escape room that it even became its inseparable part. Considering that as part of its plot you become a gang member robbing a bank, it makes for a really fun combination. And such themes are probably the coolest in escape rooms. Their creators have to be very creative, and as they usually succeed - you can count on really incredible twists of action - adds Paulina Polańska.

Puzzle rooms can be found in many cities all over the country - from Zakopane, through Rzeszów, Chorzów, Wrocław, Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, to Gdańsk. These are not always standard, obvious locations either. Escape rooms operate also in old shelters (company 8 Gates from Warsaw), castles (e.g. in Moszna), or... in the open space in the forest, thus creating a new branch of the game, which is the outdoor escape rooms (Forest Escape near Łódź).

- What do I like the most in escape rooms? The fact that if I take a weekend trip with 2-3 friends, I can go to a deserted island and fight for survival, as well as try to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the head of a psychiatric hospital and his daughter, and also feel like Eleven from Stranger Things. Each of us is able to find something that suits our interests and abilities thanks to different levels of difficulty and rich themes to choose from. Escape rooms are inspired by so many different stories that I can definitely recommend "catch the bug" and go on the escape room journey because there is really a lot to discover - says Hanna Kwaśniewska from Lockme.

Jakub Witosławski

Jakub Witosławski

PR expert

15 years of Public Relations experience. Worked for brands such as Allegro, Microsoft, Lock.me, Global e-Mobility Forum, Martin Kaczmarski, Rochstar TV Production. Communication manager of the team participating in the Cross Country FIA World Cup and in the FIA World Rallycross Championship. Organized events around TV series premieres, was responsible for the media coverage of skydiving events and records. Works for the escape room industry since 2017. Hobby? In a free time skydiver, enduro biker, freeride skier and party animal.

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